Cosy Minimalism: How to have the best of both worlds

I don’t know about you but when I think of the word ‘minimalism’ I instantly picture a rather cold, stark space. Uncluttered, sure, but lacking any character or warmth. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of only keeping what is useful and beautiful and having less ‘stuff’. I relish the thought of being able to keep my space tidy and clean and of being able to move easily without having to hire a skip or a lorry. But when you see photos invariably the space is sparse, cold, with harsh lines and an overall feeling of austerity. That bit truly isn’t me.

For me, cosiness is a must-have. I crave cosy candles, throws, and pillows. I love nothing more than curling up with a mug of steaming hot tea, a good book, a candle burning in the corner. Soft music in the background. Fairylights, maybe a wax melt humming gently in the corner.

Tidy, clean, organised and clutter-free yet cosy. I don’t believe we need to pick between having an uncluttered life and being cosy. I’m all for having some kind of hygge/minimalistic fusion where we keep the necessary (yes the cushions, the curtains, the shortbread biscuits in a pretty tin) and discard the things we don’t really need.

A space where we have ditched the things we’ve bought to impress others and concentrate on what really matters (to us, not to anyone else!) A cosy nook created with our own creature comforts in mind. A sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Somewhere we can hide when the rain batters down the windowpane and the wind starts howling around the chimney breast. A womb-like space to cocoon us from the rest of the world.

I’m all for decluttering things that we no longer need but I draw the line at living a cold, dark, cushionless existence!

How can we create a sense of cosy minimalism?
Firstly we need to figure out what the space is going to be used for. Will it be a reading nook? A cosy corner to write in? A meditation space? Or something else. Maybe it’s just a corner of your bedroom that you’d like to cosy up (in!)

Next, we need to declutter anything that isn’t still needed. So anything old, out-grown, tatty, broken or that doesn’t make us feel instantly happy must go. Anything that doesn’t bring us that sense of warmth, safety and cosiness must go! Giving the space a deep clean will bring a sense of renewed energy to the room.

Then we need to gather up the warm touches. The blankets, the candles or table lamps to give a little warmth. Maybe add in a pot plant and some fairy lights. An oversized cushion or two. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is to get a big mug of something soothing like hot chocolate and to sink into the space. And wait for the rain to pelt down the windowpane.




Writer, Master Procrastinator, Coffee Drinker

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Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper

Writer, Master Procrastinator, Coffee Drinker

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